Meditation retreats tailor made for you 

Why a meditation retreat?

A meditation retreat utilizes relevant spiritual wisdom based on the study of Raja Yoga, guided meditation, self-introspection as its method making it more holistic, and thus, different from traditional retreats.


Meditation retreats look at the issues and opportunities with a spiritualized consciousness, with a vision of goodness, and one's virtues as the guiding compass to lead the group to success. The exercises are also equally special as they include introspection, group meditation, collaborative activities and virtues recognition.

Why customize?

How many in a group to customize?

Each group be it a family, a team, a school, a company, an organization - private, non-governmental or public - is as unique as the individuals that make it. They all have victories to tell, but equally have their issues and tensions.


Customizing a meditation retreat - or workshop  - enables the group to use time and effort in a worthwhile way, directly addressing the group's needs from the very core while enabling each participant to move forward with new empowering take-aways.

A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 60 participants for overnight retreats. We can also customize for 100 participants for day retreats.

How to customize?

1) Take a look at the list of suggested topics here to see if a retreat suits your group

2) Email or call us to start the process - we will show you a flexible chart of options where you can choose or combine courses. 

3) Let's talk about your needs, listening to them enables us to better recommend a suitable course of action. Our aim is to ensure learning in an atmosphere of coolness and calm.

4) Discussions regarding costs, accommodation  and meals will be our last agenda.

Suggested Topics:

  • Inner Leadership for Students Leaders

  • True Self-Esteem for Youth or Students

  • Coping with Change Positively for Graduating Students

  • Beat Stress / Stress Management

  • Team Harmony : A Teambuilding Retreat

  • Loving Myself, Loving My Work

  • Peace of Mind Retreat

  • Unleashing Your Creative Powers

  • Motivation and Visioning

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Positive Thinking

  • Conquering Anger


These suggested topics will enhance or develop:

  • An awareness of your inner peace and power

  • A moral compass for living

  • The practical spiritual skills and tools for expressing your potential


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