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In these turbulent times, it's hard to know who or what to trust.


But there is one place you can always turn to: yourself.

The power of your own spiritual consciousness is a vast reserve of untapped resources that exists within you. You have the ability to draw from this inner world of peace, love and contentment, and through the power of your thoughts create an outer world that reflects your inner self.

Let the power of spiritual consciousness influence your daily decisions and connections and improve your own mental health.

Welcome to The Brahma Kumaris Center for Spiritual Learning

2023 Retreats in Tagaytay

Inner Peace
Inner Power

A chance to recharge and discover new ways of seeing and experiencing the Self, while learning how to develop a closer relationship with the Supreme so we can remain stable and powerful in facing life's challenges. 


One of our most popular retreats considered by many to be their own personal treat for themselves, with two restful days of quiet away from the hustle and bustle of daily responsibilities.

Health protocols are being observed, so limited slots are available. Register today.


The Healing Journey of Peace

The healing power of peace allows us to tap into our highest potential and creativity- where we are able to experience the deepest peace - the peace of the pure being.

In this retreat, we will journey back to our essence and truth so that only love, kindness, freedom and joy govern our lives. This retreat is open to anyone regardless of religious background and practices.

Health protocols are being observed, so limited slots are available. Register today.
White Structure

On Request Programs

CSL also serves organizations and groups seeking to strengthen their core values and team spirit as they pursue common goals.   The retreat center caters to organizational needs for managing internal and external dynamics with a view of spiritual goals and values. 

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